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 August 20 2020


Even for seasoned vehicle owners, it’s easy to take car air conditioning for granted. While it’s fair that the condition of your car’s climate control system isn’t always top priority, it can make or break your comfort levels on the road. It can also impact the overall efficiency of your driving, as well as well as windscreen visibility. For these reasons, it’s worth your while to book in a regular car air con service.

How often should my car air con be serviced?

Just like any other part of a car, the air conditioner is a complex system that requires ongoing maintenance. As a minimum, you’ll need to get a car aircon regas every 1-2 years to top up the refrigerant in the system. This is a relatively quick and simple procedure.  

Given that air conditioning is not usually included in your car’s general service, it’s a good idea to use your regas as a reminder to book a specialised air con service. This will optimise performance and efficiency, and maximise the lifespan of the air conditioner. 

What can go wrong if I don’t do this?

It goes without saying that having a busted car air con will greatly reduce the comfort of your drive. This can come as an unwelcome surprise, particularly in newer model cars where the climate control normally kicks in automatically when you start the car. 

Equally problematic is when the air conditioner is still working, but inefficiently. This can be due to general wear and tear to any of the system’s parts. The problem with this is that the air con will place higher demands on the car whenever it’s in use, using up more petrol. Over time, whatever the problem is will only become worse, and the system less efficient. 

Your car’s air con plays a key role in windscreen demisting. As with the main climate control function, you may not even realise the demister is at work, as it may turn on automatically in cold weather. Whether or not this is the case, driver visibility can be greatly impaired by fogged-up windows, and being caught without this functionality can be a safety hazard. 

What else do I need to know?

If you notice any sudden, unexplained decline in the performance of your car’s air con, there’s a good chance of a deeper underlying problem beyond simply running out of refrigerant. Cracks and leaks can sometimes appear and develop in the system’s pipes,  which cause the gas to escape much faster than it should. 

In these cases, you should have it looked at by a car air con specialist as soon as possible to minimise further damage. Car air conditioning repair is often cheaper and more effective if you catch the problem earlier rather than later, so don’t put it off. 

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If it’s been a while since you last had a car air con regas or service, now is the time. To find out more, speak to the team at Bosch Car Service Milperra today. Give us a call on (02) 9774 4142 or complete the contact form below.

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