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 August 19 2021

The longevity of your car clutch depends on a number of factors, including your climate, how you drive and the amount of wear and tear your car experiences.

As a general rule, your car clutch will need to be replaced every 100,000 kilometres. However, you may need a clutch service or replacement more often depending on how you use your car.

If it’s almost time to get a clutch replacement, then you may notice that things aren’t right with your car. It is important to be aware of these signs and discuss them with a qualified mechanic to ensure that any small problems don’t become larger, more costly issues.

The effect of climate and driving style on clutch longevity

If you live in a hot climate and have a rash driving style, it is likely that you’ll need to replace your car clutch sooner. 

Driving in hot weather can increase the likelihood that your clutch will burn out faster. Similarly, drivers who ride the clutch, change gears slowly or accelerate quickly will likely need to replace their clutch more often than other drivers.

However, every car will experience general wear and tear over its lifespan, which may impact the clutch pedal and transmission fluid. If you experience any of the following signs whilst driving, it is likely that you’re in need of a clutch inspection or service.

Strange smells and unexpected sounds 

When it comes to assessing the quality of your car clutch, it is a good idea to pay attention to any unusual sounds or smells within your vehicle. A clutch that requires a service, repair or replacement may make a grinding noise or create a burning smell when you change gears or let the clutch out. These are telltale signs that your clutch isn’t working properly and should be discussed with a trained mechanic as soon as possible.

Slipping out of gear

If you find your car slipping out of gear while driving, this must be resolved urgently for the safety of you, your passengers and other road users. A clutch replacement is vital to help ensure you have better control of your vehicle when on the road.

Difficulty using the clutch

If you find yourself struggling with your car clutch or are finding it hard to change gears while driving, it is likely that you’ll need a clutch inspection. Your clutch should operate in the same way each drive, which means if your clutch feels ‘sticky’ or you notice resistance when pressing down on it, there is probably an underlying issue that needs to be repaired. 

Unusual vibrations

When driving, it is important to pay attention to the vibrations within your car as you release the clutch. If there are any changes to the vibrations, such as strong shudders or more intense vibrations, this could be a sign that your clutch should be checked by a professional.

We are clutch professionals

At Bosch Car Service Milperra, we know just how important a working clutch is for your vehicle and safety. Our team of trained mechanics have the tools and expertise to service, repair and replace clutch systems with lasting results. 

If you’re due for a car clutch replacement or would like to rest assured that your clutch is still in working order, give our friendly team a call today on (02) 9167 9490 or fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.


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