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 September 14 2021

How long your brake pads last will depend on the way in which you use your car. As a general rule, you should be able to get approximately 30,000km to 90,000km out of your brake pads. To get an estimate on the lifespan of your brake pads, consider your driving habits, such as how frequently you drive, where you drive, and your driving style. 

It’s a good idea to be aware of the signs that your vehicle needs a brake pad replacement. One of the most common signs is recurring squealing and screeching sounds every time you brake. This tends to hint that the brakes are wearing out. In time the squealing may evolve to an even worse grinding noise. Ideally, you would want to have your brake pads repaired before they get to the grinding stage, as this is when you run the risk of damaging your rotors, which can then involve an even more costly repair.

Aside from audible sounds indicating something is wrong with your vehicle, you should also be able to feel odd differences while driving. If you’re finding the time between when you press the brake pedal and when you come to a final stop has increased and feels laggy, it most likely means your brake pads have worn out and are thinning. Drivers who have noticed an increased delay in braking should get their brake pads replaced as soon as possible. This helps to prevent any accidents that may happen due to brake failure in high speed or wet weather driving conditions.

Driving Style Affects Brake Pad Longevity

Before finding out how your driving style can affect your brake pad life, it’s helpful to understand how exactly brake pads work. A simple explanation is that the brake pads will make contact with your rotors every time you press your brakes. This contact will create friction to slow and stop your car. As the brake pads are part of a very interconnected system, it is absolutely necessary for every part of the system to be functioning successfully and safely. 

If you’re ever asking yourself how long do brake pedals last and want to know how enhance the longevity of your brake pads, it is important to break the following driving habits:

  1. Overloading your vehicle

A spacious car is a great car, but just because your car has a boot with plenty of storage space, this doesn’t mean that you should be packing it with everything you own. All cars have a maximum weight limit that is recommended by the manufacturer. Exceeding the weight recommendation can result in increased stress on the suspension and the brakes.

  1. Sudden stopping and starting

Part of becoming a competent and good driver is being able to read the road and know how to gently ride the brake when approaching a red light or intersection. Applying too much acceleration or slamming on the brakes suddenly can cause excessive and sudden friction on the brake pads. This will create too much heat and cause the brake pads to damage. Try to observe the traffic while you are driving and ease off the accelerator to allow enough time to slowly apply pressure on the brake and come to a gentle stop.

  1. Pressing the brake when driving down a hill

Driving down a hill can be intimidating, especially if the road is heavily sloped. It can be a natural reaction to ride the brake and apply gentle pressure while driving down the hill. While this might seem like a safe thing to do, it is actually increasing the risk of damaging your car’s brakes. Holding your foot on the brake, even if done so lightly, causes heat to build up and creates strain on the braking system.

  1. Switching from reverse to drive without stopping

Once you’ve reversed out of your driveway or a parking spot and have noticed the area is clear around you, it may not seem like a big deal to switch into drive without coming to a complete stop – especially when in a hurry. This is an important habit to break as doing this can cause force on the drivetrain.

Trust Us For Your Next Brake Pad Service

Are you noticing any strange sounds when you brake? Or perhaps you’re noticing a delay between when you press on the brake and when you come to a complete stop. Ensuring your brakes are reliable and in working order is necessary to keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road.

Here at Bosch Milperra, we have been performing brake pad replacements for cars in the Sydney suburbs for the last 27 years. To find out more about our services, simply give us a call on (02) 9167 9490 or fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.



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