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 November 7 2021

A logbook service involves a qualified mechanic servicing your vehicle according to the guidelines set by manufacturers. Most manufacturers recommend a logbook service once every six months, or every 10,000 kms driven. As an important part of your regular car service, logbook maintenance is essential for keeping your vehicle running safely and efficiently.

In most cases, a logbook service schedule is set by the dealership, and adhering to this schedule is necessary for keeping the warranty of your vehicle valid. This is because logbook servicing can identify small issues before they become major problems. By taking a long-term vehicle maintenance approach, you can help extend the life of your car.

Maintain Your Warranty Through Logbook Servicing

Following your car’s logbook schedule is important not only for new cars, but also for second hand cars that are still within their warranty period. By keeping the schedule recommended by manufacturers, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in future repair costs and maintain your car’s warranty.

Sell Your Car for More

A well-maintained vehicle will often receive a better sale price than one that hasn’t been properly looked after. For peace of mind, it can be helpful to show prospective buyers that your vehicle is in the best possible condition through proof of regular logbook servicing.

What is the Difference Between General and Logbook Servicing?

Most car services involve a range of important checks on the safety and performance of your vehicle. The service schedule outlined in your car’s logbook is designed to ensure every component of your vehicle is well maintained.

A log book service price will usually depend on a number of factors, such as your car’s age, as well as its make and model. It’s best to check your vehicle’s logbook to determine the recommended date and type of your next car service.

Logbook services are usually scheduled according to the guidance provided by your car’s logbook. Although most logbook services will vary depending on your vehicle, they will generally take between two and four hours to complete. In this time, the mechanic will carry out a number of checks on your car’s systems to ensure you are driving away in a safe and reliable vehicle.

Another type of car service that may be outlined in your car’s logbook is a basic service. Generally, these minor services can take up to two hours, and will likely involve replacing your car’s essential fluids. It can also include general safety checks on your car’s brakes, tyres, lights, steering and suspension.

What does a logbook service include?

Although most logbook service inclusions will vary depending on your own vehicle’s needs, they will usually involve the following:

●  Vehicle diagnostics

●  Safety checks related to your vehicle;

●  Replacing essential car fluids according to manufacturer recommendations;

●  Replacing any worn parts; and

●  Other general services and maintenance

A common misconception is that a car owner must have their vehicle serviced by the dealership from which they purchased their car. However, you are actually able to have your car serviced by any qualified logbook service mechanic.

If you’re due for a service, Bosch Car Service Milperra is here to help. Our professional and experienced mechanics have the skills needed to perform your logbook car service while maintaining your vehicle’s warranty. Give our friendly team a call on (02) 9167 9490, or complete our simple online booking form to book your next log book service.


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